Tuition & Fee Policy

  • All classes must be paid for in advance by cash or check payable to West Coast. Fees are based on an average of four classes per month.
    No additional charge applied when a fifth lesson occurs, nor is there a reduction when fewer than four classes are held due to a major holiday, absence, or recital. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • All fees are due on the first of the month. Missed classes may be made up by attending another class at the same level or lower. There are no refunds, nor can any missed classes be applied to a subsequent month’s tuition.
  • It is necessary to notify the West Coast front desk when changing a class schedule or discontinuing classes. Fees are due until we have been notified of any classes being dropped.
  • There is a $10.00 late fee for tuition paid after the 10th of the month.
  • Returned check charge is $25.00. PLEASE NOTE: If your check is returned, all future payments must be made in cash, cashier’s check or money order.
  • Use family rates for more than one student in the same family. Family rates may be used for brothers, (and/or) (siblings) sisters in the same family only.
  • Classes with fewer than 4 students will only be held for ½ hour. This is considered to be a semi-private class.
  • Schedule is subject to change without notice.


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